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Caring for your floor

For newly polished floors to have a long life we cannot over emphasize the need to keep it clean.

Two of the important key factors to the maintenance of polished floors is a thorough cleaning program and several carpeted areas leading directly to the polished boards. Carpeted areas ensure that very little grit gets on the floor thereby reducing the abrasive effect that occurs when people walk on a dirty floor.


showroom sofas

Dirt catching mats at all entrances, preferably inside the door as well

Felt pads on furniture legs

Use a metallised polish like Gemini to provide protection

Protect floorboards from direct sunlight to avoid timber to discolouration and fading

Cleaning Tips

showroom hallway

Avoid the use of chemical detergents when cleaning

We recommend mop with approved cleaning products

Regular cleaning by vacuuming or electrostatic mop

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