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How To Care For Your Floor Boards?

For newly polished floors to have a long life we cannot over emphasize the need to keep it clean.

Two of the important key factors to the maintenance of polished floors is a thorough cleaning program and several carpeted areas leading directly to the polished boards. Carpeted areas ensure that very little grit gets on the floor thereby reducing the abrasive effect that occurs when people walk on a dirty floor.


Dirt catching mats at all entrances, preferably inside the door as well Felt pads on furniture legs Use a metallised polish like Gemini to provide protection Protect floorboards from direct sunlight to avoid timber to discolouration and fading

Cleaning Tips

Avoid the use of chemical detergents when cleaning We recommend mop with approved cleaning products Regular cleaning by vacuuming or electrostatic mop

The wooden floor changes a room in a nice and warm environment. To achieve ttimber floor sanding and finishing melbourne , you must take into account the causes of the risk that will affect knowing which the most practical way for its repair is.

Causes of Wood Flooring Displacement:

-The problem with wood floors is mostly humidity, and the drastic changes in temperature that cause the wood to expand or contract, which in turn results in buckled wood floors.

-When installing the wood floor, if you don’t leave enough expansion gap on the perimeter of the room, you will surely have wood floor in poor condition.

-The most common causes for a wooden floor to be damaged are those that are related to the poor quality of its installation work.

-If the floor was installed with nails and these are the wrong ones, the wood will not stay in place.

-If the subfloor is improperly installed, it will cause unevenness that will damage the structure of the wooden floor.

-If the floors were glued with the wrong rubber seal, they will peel off faster than you think.

-If the separation between the woods of the floor is not correct, they will surely be thrown among themselves.

The key word for wood floor repairs Melbourne is: sanding. This helps not only the thickness of the wooden parts of your floors exact seas but also the replacement floor with the help of an edger, you can use the last sanding grain that was applied to the floor, with this you will achieve that it is flush with regarding the existing floor.

Once the thicknesses have been matched on all of the floor pieces you have replaced, lightly sand the existing floor to match the perimeter. Once the floor uniformity is recorded, the next step in wood floor repairs Melbourne is to use a floor scraper to smooth the repair by scraping with the grain. timber floor sanding and finishing melbourne

The existing floor is then scraped past the sanded area a little and along each grain. Sand in the grain direction and apply a stain of the equivalent color or use to change the color of the wood stain, but this will require the entire floor to be sanded before applying the new one, it is essential to rub the stain from the edge toward the center of the wood floor.

Cracks and shrinkage may be due to a shortage of moisture. For wood floor repairs Melbourne you have to maintain an environmental climate inside the house under the greatest possible control, that is, if humidity is not a problem, perhaps its absence is, especially if you live in places with high temperature climates.

Also the wear of the wood of the floor in the width always leaves the higher edges in the periphery than in the center. This is almost always due to an imbalance in the existing humidity. If your wooden floor buckles from the center, this is because the sanding of the floor did not take care that the thickness was the same on the entire surface and that the damaged parts of the wooden floor were installed or replaced without having eliminated the cause of moisture imbalance.

timber floor sanding and finishing melbourne

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