Floor Sanding Prices

How much will Floor sanding polishing and staining Cost?

The following floor sanding price per square metre price guide allows for 3 coats of non-toxic urethane in a variety of finishes from gloss to the ultra-modern ultra matt.

Prices include all preparation and clean-up.  All prices are exclusive of GST.

Certainly, floor trends come and go it’s one thing that stays constant, the timelessness of a beautifully polished floor. Yes, your hardwood floor looks a little worse for wear, so polishing can give you a new lease on life.

It is very important to understand the difference between them, our floor needs to be sanded, stained or varnished. Both approaches expect a similar result, but in reality, the process is different.

The floor sanding price for Melbourne will really depend on the state of your wood floor and whether you want to do it yourself or hire a professional to do the work for you. The floor sanders we use at Sandscan have a reputation for being excellent instruments for treating wood, obtaining a fairly uniform result. Depending on how deep your job is the cost will vary.

The floor sanding prices for  floor sanding price per square metre Melbourne can be surprisingly cheap. Prices for sanding and polishing start at about $ 30 per square meter and go up to around $50 per square meter.

The ideal system for sanding and polishing floors Melbourne consists of sanding the surface in the direction of the wood grain with different degrees of sandpaper, until the floor is polished and leveled without leaving scratches. Afterwards, it is important to check that the wood does not show chips or feel rough to the touch. After this, one hand must be fixed until the wood is smooth as a vinyl floor.

At Sandscan what we do is apply up to two coats of varnish so that it has a longer duration, but not more to prevent it from rising, breaking or peeling over time due to excess varnish.

As previously mentioned, the cost of sanding and polishing floors Melbourne can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the materials, the duration of the work, the dimensions, among others. Sanding and polishing floors the Melbourne depends on the care that is taken to it, if it is a well-kept floor, this procedure must be carried out from 8 to 10 years, but if on the contrary you do not have a good floor care, this procedure must be carried out from 5 to 7 years.

Carrying out the polishing and sanding process is necessary in all wood floors, this does not differ if it is a new or old floor; since on old floors it is necessary to remove excess varnish and on new floors to remove all dirt, so skipping this step in the process is not recommended.

There are various types of wood floor finishes, such as:

Solvent-based polyurethane

     This is a very durable finish and makes it a versatile floor. Contains certain volatile organic compounds that can be harmful until the finish dries.

Traditional oil-based varnishes

     This is a popular choice for medium traffic areas around your home. It is low VOC and fast drying, because it could be a good option for families who cannot leave the house while polishing.

Water-based polyurethane

     Many prefer traditional oil-based varnish. While drying is slower, they are really good for high traffic areas in the home.

When quoting the price of any floor sanding and polishing service, you need to get advice on the finish that best suits your flooring and lifestyle. Ideally, you shouldn’t always go in search of the cheapest quote, but pay a little more for sanding and polishing that has established a reputation for quality work, than saving a few dollars but getting flawed finishes.

floor sanding price per square metre

floor sanding price per square metre Guide

New Floors

From $50
per square metre

Old Floors

From $60
per square metre


Add $20 per square metre

Non Toxic

Our Standard Finish - no extra

Factors That Influence The Price


Heritage buildings require more care. Contact us for advice…

Types of NAILS

If the floor is top nailed or secret nailed may require additional care. contact us


If there is damage such as moisture causing the boards to ‘cup’

Existing Stains

Black japan staining on older floors will require extra sanding to remove.  


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