Residential Floors

When talking about the floor of your home, it takes up a rather privileged place. A floor can make a home warm and inviting simply by changing the shade or tone. Or it can make a room regal and sophisticated. But sometimes practicality over style is important and all you may want is just a good hard wearing, durable floor. 


There are several factors to take into account when choosing a wood floor. The first thing is its beauty and the other is installation and maintenance of a wooden floor…

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It’s time…. You have been putting off restoring your floor for months, maybe even years. You want to get your floors polished or redone, but how can you tell a quality floor sanding expert?

We know that residential floor restoration in Melbourne requires beauty and durability. Repairs to your wooden floors vary according to the characteristics and damage. So before obtaining a budget for the work, it is necessary to keep in mind what type of wood it is and  the size of the floor. It’s important to know the different options and their characteristics before making a decision. Which of the flowing services do you need? 


The Melbourne floors sanding and polishing process above is recognized as slashing, which is considered a technique to restore wood and varnish or finish that protection. This method recently made reference to the manual process with which it removed each damaged layer of the wood through the use of certain blades or scrapers. This work is considered a very hard and artisan process, thanks to the position, size of the surface and the time required.

Today the process continues to be used to restore wood. The process includes both sanding and varnishing, and it is understood as a restoration of the material. The Melbourne floor sanding and polishing process integrates electric sander machines with various horsepower.

The common reasons for needing Melbourne floor sanding and polishing, barn or used protective material, that wears away from UV rays, which can also directly affect wood that changes color. The glue loses its adhesiveness after the passage of time causing the pieces of wood to move or detach.

Melbourne floor sanding and polishing is all about buffing or cleaning a wooden surface through rubbing with an object that is almost always sandpaper. It is clear to us that if a good sanding is ideal for a perfect finish, then it shows the importance of a good sanding and polishing of the floor, since the finish will be the same that we will see in our daily home.

Within the process of sanding and polishing floors, the use of varnishes, necessary to add the protective layer to natural wood is manifested with a faithful director. Over time, the process has begun an evolution towards the use of waterproof, low-toxicity, water-based, low-toxicity, waterproof, and oleurethane granaries.

When the wood is prepared and polished, you can apply a coat of primer, primer or filler, which seeks to fill or saturate the microscopic porous surface of the wood, and achieve a solid surface so that the next varnish coats have adhesion. , and offer the necessary leveling. Care must be taken not to apply finishing polyurethane, since it can toast or in some way darken the surface further.

MIssing Floor Boards

Restorations need to be done when there is a lack of wood on the floor, this occurs for different reasons, such as loss or deterioration of the wood. If this is the case we have options that can help solve this problem.

Damaged Floor Boards

The factors that cause damage to the boards can be due to traffic, water damage or lack of maintenance. In cases where the floor is scratched, we recommend polishing the entire surface to restore it to it's former glory.

NEw Floor Sanding and Polishing

Timber Floor polishing begins with the preparation of the base floor surface. It must be clean, free of all imperfections and free of moisture. In winter time, it is recommended to heat the room two weeks before installation.

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