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floor sanding melbourne eastern suburbs Since 1984

We Have Been Providing Expert Floor Sanding, Polishing And Staining Services For Residential And Commercial Customers In Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs Since 1984.


The business is owned and operated by Peter Taylor.

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Sandscan has earned an excellent reputation through dedication to high quality finishes and customer satisfaction and has over 45 years of combined experience in the commercial and residential markets across Melbourne.

Commercial Floors

Our most popular commercial assignments have included Christies Auction House, the MYER cafeteria, and the Belgian Beer Café.


The majority of our work is derived from the Melbourne domestic market including South and East Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Albert Park, Middle Park, South Yarra, Richmond, Kew, Hawthorn, and inner city suburbs.

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Floor sanding Melbourne or what was previously called stabbing, is a technique that works to restore wood, varnish and the finish that protects it. Hardwood floors provide a warm and unmatched environment, so they have to be restored in order to preserve their appearance. When they are placed for the first time, it also follows a specialized procedure so that it can be used.

Wood floor sanding Melbourne enters the procedure of maintaining this material, where it is performed with the intention of removing all chips, unevenness and moisture, as well as removing old layers of varnish. Currently the term sanding is still used in the guild of parquet and parquet makers, but the process includes both sanding and varnishing, being understood as a restoration of the parquet.

Later on the floor sanding Melbourne different specialized machines are carried out. Those of the rotary type can leave circular stripes, so it is better to use a roller sander that allows leaving a surface without imperfections, at the same time as it allows controlling the depth of movement.

In the process of floor sanding Melbourne, the ideal would be to find machinery that has dust filters, thus preventing the remains from spreading all over the place. This is especially useful if the area belongs to a house, office or center where activities are already carried out daily.

Various sandpaper such as coarse sandpaper, medium sandpaper and fine sandpaper are used in order to detail the work in different stages. It is essential that the repair is correct for each wood, be it walnut, cedar, maple, oak, bamboo or pine, in addition to taking into account the width of the floor and its presentation in parquet, plank, plank or deck.

In this procedure, cavities and seals are also usually restored, while moisture and other stains are completely eliminated. The most common reasons for floor sanding Melbourne are varnish or the used protective material that degenerates due to ultraviolet rays, which also affect wood, changing its natural color. The glue also loses adhesiveness over time, causing the pieces of wood to move or come off. And surface abrasion of the varnish due to impacts, animals, gravel or furniture.

The floor sanding offered by Sandscan is about removing the existing coat of varnish using a coater with coarse sandpaper, mostly 24 or 36 grit. When this old varnish is completely removed, it is plastered, to then minimize cracks or cavities, using the finest sawdust powder as a base, and mixing it with polyurethane resins, applying it directly with a spatula.

Floor sanding Melbourne means smoothing, polishing, buffing or cleaning something by rubbing with a target that is generally sanded. Although a well-made sanding is essential for a perfect finish, we can realize the importance of great floor sanding, since we will see the finish of it at home every day at all hours.

There are different floor sanders, which are machines for exclusive use for sanding wooden floors, among which we can know:

-Belt sander continues

-Roller sander

-Disc sander

-Orbital sander

-Border or edge sander

-Hand sanders

Floor Sanding Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

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Floor Sanding Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Floor Sanding Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

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